November 13, 2015

Configure your DOS Window

Make your DOS windows large and do cut and paste easier.

Here we review DOS window settings that will help you to work faster.

  1. Customizing DOS Window Settings starts by right clicking the Start Menu
  2. Type in cmd and hit Enterscreenshot
  3. To get to your DOS window faster, you can pin it to your task bar. Right click the task bar CMD window icon and select Pin this program to taskbarscreenshot
  4. On the DOS window title bar, Right click and select the Defaults menu itemscreenshot
  5. Select the Quick Edit Mode setting. This allows you to highlight text in the window easily.screenshot
  6. In the Font tab, select a slimmer TrueType font, like Consolas or Lucida Console, and set the font size to 10screenshot
  7. In the Layout tab, change the Window Size to 132 columns and 56 rowsscreenshot
  8. Click OK to save. The next DOS window you open will appear with your customized settings.



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